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Berikut ini contoh naskah drama singkat berbahasa Inggris, cocok untuk rekan-rekan yang mendapat tugas dari sekolah or campus. Tapi maafin yee kalo bahasanya kurang pas,hehehe *maklum masih belajar bahasa Inggris :-)
Yuuuu simak yaaaa,,,,,,dan semoga bermanfaat :)


LIA is multi talented girl and honesty
TRIE is Lia's close friend
IIK is rich girl,beautiful but arrogant and jealousy

SCENE I ( In class room )

NARATTOR : Lia seems so confused and anxious,she opened her bag and looking for something , Iik  comes to the class and asks to Lia
IIK     : "Hey Lia,,,,what's up ,,!!

LIA    : "Hmmm,,, ( confusing )

IIK     : "Heeyy tell me, why you looks so serious ??? "

LIA    : "You know,, I lost my wallet and there was some amount of 1 million which I have to pay my college tuition fee,I can't tell to my dad about it because he wil angry at me,,, what I have to do ??

IIK     : ( Closer to Lia and whisper her eyes ) " You won't believe it,but I saw wallet similiar to yours in Trie's bag. But I can't say that's yours ."

LIA    : "Hmmm,,,is that really ? "

IIK     : "Yeah,,but i can't say that's yours,to make it sure we can open Trie's bag. "

NARATTOR : They planed to open Trie's bag ,everyone is out side including Trie.

LIA     : "Ok..we can open Trie's bag,but you must call her firstly ."

NARATTOR : Iik calls Trie.They  entered to class and closed to Lia.

IIK      : "Trie,I have to open your bag,,! "

TRIE   : " Wait,,what's the matter with my bag,, ! What's wrong ? "

NARATTOR : Without talking anything Iik opened Trie's bag and showed the wallet to her.

IIK      : "Trie,,is it yours ? "

TRIE   : "Noooo,,it is not mine,,why this wallet in my bag ? "

LIA    : "Hmmmm,,let me see,,OMG !! This is mine,why in your bag Trie ??  I'll complain to our lecture ! "

IIK      : "Please calm down Lia, don't tell for principal about it to anyone. "

LIA     : "No,,I will tell to Mr.Hendy ! I can't accept it "

TRIE  : "Lia,,I don't know anything about it,by God I didn't steal your wallet. Please ,it's impossible that I did it to you,we are close friend !! "

IIK     : "Think two time before taking action,don't break your friendship just because of wallet. Trie is not your enemy,she is your close friend . "

LIA    : ( think deeply, put her hand and touch her head )

              " Hmmm..okay I won't to talk to Mr.Handy. But Trie,,, now let me alone .!"

TRIE  : ( put Lia's hand ) 
             "Lia trus me... it is not my fault,, it's jus misuderstanding ,"

LIA    : "I said ,, leave me alone !!"

IIK     : "Good choice girl ,,,, really you took intellectual decision."
                      ( go away from Lia )


NARATTOR : Big bells is ringing,, it 's mean all class is over and all students about to back home . Trie pick her bag and try to close to Lia and asks her to go home.

TRIE   : "Lia,, let's go home,,
 Lia,, please talk to me ,,!! I'm your friend ,,! OK, you can hate me, but oneday you will know that I'm in right side , I go home now,,see you ,,"

NARATTOR : Lia has not say anything to Trie, and she moves home alone. On the way to home, she is thinking a lot about Trie. What a bitch she is,, Lia bits her lips.

LIA    : "With the money everybody gets change,including my best friend ,, OMG ! I can't believe it."

NARATTOR : Day after day passed. But Lia and Trie have not talking each other yet.And now Iik going closer to Lia and become her friend.While Trie was still sad and depressed.People and others friend start to talk about their friendship.What happened with their friendship,but Lia used to say that Trie is changing don't want to talk to her anymore. 
One day when Lia and Trie on the way to supermarket ,Lia's phone is ringing.

LIA    : "Hello,,,yes I'm Lia,,whaaattt ??? It's impossible,I don't believe it. Daddy is good man!
( through her phone and crying )

IIK     : "Heeyy,,what happen ?

LIA    : "Police calls me that daddy is coruptor and police take him out of office now."

IIK     : "Ouch,,I so sorry to hear it,be patient please, I hope everything will be alright ."

LIA    : "Thanks for your support. "

NARATTOR : Suddenly Lia falls unconscious. Iik shocked to see her and don't know what to do.But accidentally Trie see them and comes to help Lia. They bring Lia to go home.

TRIE   : "What the matter with Lia ? "

IIK      : "I don't know,,it happened suddenly after she got call from the police. It's about her Dad."

NARATTOR :  Lia opened her eyes,and get up slowly,,and then shocked to see there is Trie beside her.

LIA     : "Hey you !! why are you here ?? Go away from me ! I wont to see you here !"

TRIE   : "Lia,,I saw you unconscious on the way and I help you,nothing more !"

IIK      : ( break in when Lia talk ) . " Hey wait,,,I want to tell you something,it's about the wallet."

LIA     : "What ??? my wallet ? "

IIK     : "Yeah,, I so sorry ,actually who kept your wallet in Trie's bag is me. Because I got jealous with your friendship.You and Trie had the great friendship,and you know that actually I wanna be your friend too.But I don't know how to tell you about it. That's why I did it to you. Lia,,Trie please forgive me,I really really sorry for it. "

LIA    : " So,,it's not you that had stolen my wallet ? Trie I'm sorry and it's mean our friendship is always be forever till the end of our life. "
TRIE   : "Certainly,,and Iik,would you like to joint us if you don't mind ? "

IIK      : "Okaaayy,,that's what I wanna be ! "

NARATTOR : Finally,,Lia,Trie and Iik become best friends. Their friendship is going on and nobody can break down their friendship till the end of their friendship. 



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